Winter is coming! Tesla latest winter driving tips!

Tesla Defrost Option on the Mobile App

Model X during the fall

Similar to the conventional internal combustion engine vehicles, owners need to change their driving behaviour during winter and prepare their cars for winter.

Learn how to enhance your winter driving experience by following these tips as summarzied below, please see the full details at Tesla Winter Driving Tips.





Tesla Winter Driving Tips Summary

Here’s a summary to help remind you and could be used as a check list until it all becomes muscle memory. What else do you think should one do during winter or poor visibility conditions? Let us know in the comments.

  • Staying plugged in when possible to allow preheating/preconditioning without using up battery capacity.
  • Be aware of increased energy consumption
  • Use Scheduled Departure or Preconditioning before you drive
  • Watch for the Snowflake icon which indicates reduced battery pack energy available
  • Drive at moderate speeds.
  • Go slower during first third or half of your journey to monitor range to confirm you can reach your destination.
  • Limit frequent and rapid acceleration
  • Limit cabin temperature setting and use seat headers
  • Limit checking up on the car via your mobile app
  • Reposition wipers and mirrors and deactivate mirror-auto fold.
  • Fix mirror positions while in reverse to be the same as in drive.
  • Use Defrost in the mobile app.
  • Clear all surfaces of snow and ice with particular attention to important surfaces like door handles, mirrors, windows, charge port and all cameras.
  • Change to winter tires (recommended and required in some areas of BC such as mountain passes)
  • Carry tire chains
  • Top up the washer fluid

Please drive carefully and drive for the conditions!