Tesla leads in test driving

Tesla delivers on its promise of a safe, touchless test driving experience.


Now that Tesla is delivering the Model Y, I thought I would check into a test drive. But given the global pandemic, and the inability to go to a dealer, what are the options for a prospective customer? 

I visited Tesla’s website, specifically set up to reserve test drives, and  a couple of clicks later, I was scheduled for 4 PM that afternoon. As my wife and I drove to the Tesla store, I was eager to see how Tesla technology is used to support their “Touchless” test drive. I expected a low touch experience, and it was, aside from exchanging my driver’s license with the advisor and using one finger to sign an insurance agreement. We were told that the Model Y interior surfaces had been wiped down, and that it was ready for my wife and I to take for a spin. So far, pretty standard treatment, not unlike any other dealership.  

Touchless also meant no key to hand to me.  The sales rep had not only started the car with his phone, he had programmed the route into the navigation. There was a caveat; because the Tesla is keyless, it was important to leave the car running, even when switching drivers. Of course,  the sales rep was able to monitor our test drive on his phone (including our speed), so it is likely he would have noticed our mistake and remotely started it up again.

It is interesting to note, that with their dynamic “over the air” updates, Tesla can add special capabilities, if necessary, to deal with touchless test drives and deliveries. With other electric vehicle brands, each dealership must invent its own process, and it would not include the tightly-coupled level of support from the Tesla engineering team. The results are pretty clear given the most recent overall sales statistics.

So off we went. We were driving the car while ‘under surveillance’ from afar.  As most readers know by now, Tesla has really cool technology.  Because they are the only auto manufacturer that owns the entire delivery chain, from engineering to manufacturing to showroom to final delivery, they can tweak any part of the car or process with helpful improvements. 

 Need room for the kids?

Considering a Model Y for the family? EV Vlogger Ben Sullins who has spoken at some of our Electric Auto Association events shared this video of his family’s entertaining experience test driving the Model Y.


We’ve been getting a lot of questions about pricing, incentives, taxes and options. Here’s our new attempt at a current price list. Please let us know of any errors or omissions. Prices are in Canadian Dollars.
Note: as of most recent info, the base prices for colour of white for the models shown are now reduced as follows: Model Y long range is $69,900 and the performance version is $83,900

There are limited options at this time. The standard range and seven seat versions are due out in 2021.

Beyond Exciting!

June 9 ,2020

The first Canadian delivery of the Tesla Model Y

Paul Carter, Founder/President of Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia. Programmer/Instructor, Sustainability Advocate & Baker*

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⚡️ 🔋 🚙 🚗 🏍️ #GoElectric

The moment the happy family who became the first proud owners of a new 2020 Tesla Model Y in Canada. Along with their new Tesla family, the Tesla Team and Owners all shared in this momentous occasion. The delivery was arranged for June 9 after the vehicle arrived during the weekend to prepare for the awaiting owners. Orders first started during the night of the reveal nearly 18 months ago.

In May 2020, Tesla again moved up the timeline to the delight of customers who’ve had orders placed since the reveal or since. Initially slated to begin production in the United States in 2021, Tesla moved it up to Summer 2020 in October 2019. Tesla has again delivered ahead of schedule for its two latest vehicles. Something that had been a bit of frustration with prior reservations holder anxiously waiting for the car of their dreams and perhaps the most enjoyable and safest cars on the planet.

On delivery day at the Tesla West 4th Sales, Service, and Deliver Center in Vancouver, BC, Canada, everyone gathered around to witness the 5th Tesla vehicle to hit the roads in Canada. The excitement was so energizing. Everyone expects the Model Y to be a huge hit. After all the crossover segment in the auto industry and 2nd to pickups for light duty vehicles. Tesla and friends posing for the camera to capture this great occasion gave the camera the number one salute and me, the club President, in an exciteful Y stance. I’ve been fortunate to experience a few times before, first being an owner in 2014 of a Tesla Model S 60, trading up to a Tesla Model S P90D and now has two (a Model X P100D and a Model 3 Performance). I was so ecstatic for the owners for their own Model Y it felt I just got a new car too! So hang onto your shorts, the Model Y could very well become the highest selling vehicle in the Tesla S3XY line-up!

I’ve created a story to welcome the Tesla Model Y to Canada around a theme. It’s “Y We 💙U” (“Why” We love You), a play on Model Y letter: why. Check out the presentation below. Don’t worry, it’s mostly full of wonderful photos I took along with a few Tesla stock photos.

Future Tesla Owners

The Model Y is now also available for the Tesla referral program, where the soon to be owner, is sometimes eligible for incentives. In most places the owner who refers you also gets some referral rewards like small perks, a chance to win some great prices, invites to events, and earn their way into a free car! However in a few places (like BC and 2 States), it’s against the law. Write into your MLA and tell them it’s unfair as virtually everything you can buy these days has perks like this (if you agree).

Likely, by now you’ll probably know someone who owns a Tesla or chatted up a total stranger and about theirs! So before you buy, reach out to an existing owner who you know or has helped you and ask for their code.

If your curiosity is now peaked, go up to any owner, they will be more than delighted to answer any questions you have. That’s one of the great things about the Tesla family. Owners who have seen the community around Tesla foster kinship and community. Chances are they will also know about the benefits of other electric vehicles, not just Tesla. Some are advocates like myself who help educate the benefits of the performance, time, costs, and environmental savings that come along with it also be extremely fun to drive due to the instant torque that all electric vehicles provide that joy.

Current Incentives

Check for electric vehicles incentives and do the math on total cost of ownership. The extra upfront costs for this state of the art technology and battery

The current referral program gives the new owner 1,500 free Supercharger enabled kilometres. The Supercharger network allows for very fast charging while on long distance travel and fast charging while shopping at some malls.

You’re now free to go about the country (Well via Highway 1 from Victoria to Nova Scotia with a few detours available on you trek in a great piece of high tech!

As of June 2020 there are 100 Supercharges in Canada allowing you to go from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia via the Trans Canada Highway. In the USA there are 824 in which covers nearly the entire United States.

Happy Hypermiling or dreams of never going to the gas station again!

Paul CarterTesla Owners Club of British Columbia

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Tesla Model Y earns Motor Trend’s respect: “(It) delivers the ultimate glory of a performance SUV”

By Joey Klender Posted on Teslarati.com on May 27, 2020

The Tesla Model Y Performance recently underwent a detailed first drive review from MotorTrend, which highlighted several points of modern ingenuity that the electric automaker incorporated into its first mainstream crossover. The analysis does not cover the straightforward aspects that the Model Y has, like Autopilot capabilities, battery capacity, or range. It is a clear and concise explanation of why the car won over MotorTrend’s staff.

“The Model Y Performance delivers the ultimate glory of a performance SUV,” the esteemed motoring publication stated.

Labeled as “the most convincing American sport luxury SUV” that MotorTrend’s Christian Seabaugh has ever driven, the Model Y Performance packs 456 horsepower and just one mile less range than the Long Range AWD variant of the vehicle. With performance upgrades like a more robust rear motor, revised powertrain software, a rear spoiler, and performance brakes, the Model Y Performance’s power was undoubtedly a point of approval for the reviewer.

Even though the Model Y doesn’t pack Ludicrous Mode or a dedicated launch system, which are both exclusive to the Model S and Model X, the all-electric crossover “still continues the legend of brutally prompt Tesla acceleration.” Tesla’s instant torque is synonymous with the company’s fleet of sustainable, high-performance automobiles, which makes them an intimidating sight on a drag strip. The Model Y Performance’s real-world 0 to 60 mph time of in 3.7 seconds in MotorTrend‘s test is quicker than the Jaguar I-Pace, the BMW X3 M Competition, and the Porsche Macan Turbo outfitted with a performance package.

During Seabaugh’s drive, he stated that none of the Model Y’s outstanding performance was unexpected. “Quick acceleration, quick steering, and firm braking are par for the course for Tesla,” he stated. However, the firm ride of the Model Y equipped with the Performance Upgrade Package, or PUP, was one completely unexpected thing.

Driving over potholes and rough roads or highway expansion joints were handled by the Model Y Performance’s lowered suspension. “To Tesla’s credit, the ride is by no means punishing—you’re neither flinching before bumps nor wincing after them—it’s just firmer than most other vehicles in its class,” he said.

From an interior standpoint, the cabin of the Model Y certainly won over Seabaugh, who said its “a pretty nice place to be.” The higher seat position compared to the Model 3 comes as a pleasant surprise, giving the driver a commanding view of the road. Visibility is good even though the front of the car isn’t visible from the driver’s throne.

Even though the Model Y Performance’s build is practical for hauling the kids around and grabbing items from the grocery store, it is a vehicle that packs plenty of power for those who desire a little bit of fun. While the Model X was undoubtedly the car to offer families a mode of premium sustainable transportation that’s incredibly difficult to match, the more-affordable Model Y is here to reach out as a “mass-market” vehicle, just like the Model 3 before it.

Seabaugh’s final words sum up the Model Y perfectly. “Revolutionary falcon-wing doors be damned, the original Model X didn’t make any of Tesla’s rivals lose sleep. The Model Y will give them nightmares.”