Scam Warning – Tesla Buy Back Cold Calls

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    Gud’day fellow Tesla Pilots and Owners, Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

    I was recharging at the Surrey TSC on Monday night. As usual, half the pilot/owners were out of their cars, chatting with other EV owners, sharing information and knowledge, educating new owners.

    One fellow, a South Asian Canadian, asked me if I had received telephone calls from Tesla, offering a brand new replacement for your current Tesla with all bells and whistles, in exchange for Trading In your early model Tesla that has Free Supercharging for Life? He said he was getting multiple telephone calls, pressuring him to exchange his older Tesla for a brand new one.

    Answer is of course No, I had received no such Cold Calls from Tesla.

    I advised him that it sounded very fishy and advised him that Tesla is not and does not engage in that practice currently to the best of my knowledge.

    I also advised him it sounds very much like a Scam and that he should say No Thank You and hang up.

    Has anyone else received Cold Calls claiming to be from Tesla offering a brand new Tesla in exchange for “Trading In” their current older model that has Free Supercharging for Life.

    Food for thought, Cheers, Hugh-SG
    – Tesla Model-X Owner/Pilot

    who me? (standing in a middle of crater, that is still smoking slightly)

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      R. (Dale) Monrad
      Club Admin

      Not had the phone call but recently received this email which looks legitimate enough?

      Trade In Offer

      Let me know if you have any questions or need help relating to EVs or our club.

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      Hi Dale,

      I never received an email like that and besides, I would not want to give up the Transferable to new owner option the older vehicles come with, which is why they keep their value better then ones that do not have this feature any more.

      Food for thought,
      Cheers, Hugh
      Emotive BC Ambassador – volunteer EV outreach educator

      who me? (standing in a middle of crater, that is still smoking slightly)

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