Software 2020.32.3 bug fix included

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      Ullrich Fischer

      Before this update, when I changed my seat setting to the driving position while parked so I could more easily read the on-screen manual, then set it back to Easy Entry before exiting the car, it sometimes wouldn’t go back to driving position when I next wanted to drive. The update fixed that and now it automatically and consistently goes to driving position when I hit the brake and put the car into drive.

      The automatic closing of windows a and text alert of doors or trunks left open is another great improvement with that version.

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      Paul Carter
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      Great tip. Owners are recommended to check all their settings after an update and to familiarize themselves with feature changes. It has happened on occasion that your settings may have been moved, changed, removed, and/or new default or options available. Take the time and know your vehicle.

      It’s imperative to always be aware of the latest safety features, their capabilities and limitations. Remember: Tesla Driver Assist Features are for your convenience. They do not replace your responsibility to be in full control of the vehicle at all times. Be alert and always be ready to take immediate control.

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